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Australian Mini Moke range (1966 – 1982)

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Mini Moke

 Model NameType PrefixEngine PrefixCapacityNotes
1Morris Mini Moke (10" wheels)YJBAB1R9YBUH998cc
2BMC Moke (13" wheels, 998cc)YJBAB6R9YHUH998cc
3BMC Moke (13" wheels, 1098cc)YJBAB8R10YFUH, 10061098cc
4Moke Special Export (Californian)YJBAB12R12YGUH, 12041275ccE
5Moke Special Export (Californian)YJBAB13R12041275ccF
6Moke Special Export (Californian)030C0B1M1212041275cc
7BMC Moke018C0B1M1010YFUH1098cc
8Leyland Moke (1098cc)018F0B1M1010161098cc
9Leyland Moke (998cc)018F0B1M0999H860AJH998cc
10Leyland Moke Californian (998cc)018F0B2M0999H905AJH, 99H860AJH998cc
11Leyland Moke (MY78)AKPPB18Y99H905AJH, 99H860AJH998ccB
12Leyland Moke (MY78, 1275cc)AKPPD18Y12H902UH1275ccB
13Leyland Moke (MY79)AKPPB19Y99H905AJZ, 99H905AJH998ccG
14Leyland Moke Californian (MY78, 998cc)AKFPB18Y99H860AJH, 99H905AJH998ccB
15Leyland Moke Californian (MY79, 998cc)AKFPB19Y99H905AJZ, 99H905AJH998ccG
16Leyland Moke Californian (MY78, 1275cc)AKFPD18Y12H902UH1275ccB
17Leyland Moke Californian (MY79, 1275cc)AKFPD19Y12H902UH1275ccG


  • B - ‘MY78’ represents model year 1978, indicated by "…8Y" in type prefix.
  • E - YJBAB12R were LHD, US-spec converted to RHD.
  • F - YJBAB13R were RHD, Aus-spec from factory.
  • G -  'MY79’ represents model year 1979, indicated by "…9Y" in type prefix. Also known as “facelift” model.


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