Mini Sedan

Australian Mini sedan range (1961 – 1978)

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Mini Sedan

 Model NameType PrefixEngine PrefixCapacityNotes
1Morris 850YMA2S18AMUH, 8YUH848cc
2Morris Mini DeluxeYMA2S29YATAH998cc
3Morris Mini Minor (848cc)YMA2S38YUH848cc
4Morris Mini Minor (998cc)YMA2S39YEUH998cc
5Morris Mini-Matic Mk1YMA2S49ANAH, 99H119H998cc
6Morris Cooper (997cc)YKA2S19FSAL997cc
7Morris Cooper (998cc)YKA2S19FASAL, 9YSAH998cc
8Morris Cooper S Mk1YKG2S29FSAY, 9FXEeY1275cc
9Morris Mini KYG2S110YCTAH1098cc
10Morris Mini 1100YG2S310YJUH1098cc
11Morris Cooper S Mk2YG2S49FSAY, 9FXEY1275cc
12Morris Mini-Matic Mk2YA2S599H119H998cc
13Morris Mini 1100YG2S6; 021A2S1M101000, 10031098ccA
14Morris Mini ClubmanYG2S7; 021A2S2M101001, 10041098cc
15Morris Clubman GTYG2S89FXEY, 1200, 1205, 12061275cc
16Leyland Mini (1098cc)021A2S2M10; 021D2S2M101001, 1004, 1007, 1009, 1010, 1011, 1012, 10151098cc
17Leyland Mini (998cc)021D2S1M09; 021X2S1M0999H702V, 99H791P, 99H834AJH998cc
18Leyland Mini (MY78)XNPAB18Y99H834AJH, 99H889AJH998ccB
19Mini Clubman S / Leyland Mini S022A2S2M101001, 10041098cc
20Leyland Mini S (1098cc)022D2S2M101001, 1004, 1007, 1009, 1010, 1011, 1012, 10151098cc
21Leyland Mini S (998cc)022D2S1M09; 022X2S2M0999H834AJH998cc
22Leyland Mini S (MY78)XNHAB18Y99H889AJH998ccB
23Leyland Mini SS022D2S3M0999H834AJH998cc
24Leyland Mini LS022D2S4M09; 022X2S4M0999H834AJH998ccC
25Leyland Mini LS (MY78)XNFAB18Y99H889AJH998ccB
26Leyland Mini Sunshine022X2S2M0999H834AJH998ccD
27Leyland Mini 1275LSXNFAD18Y12H902UH, 12H879UH1275cc


  • A - Commencement of Clubman series.
  • B - ‘MY78’ represents model year 1978, indicated by "…8Y" in type prefix.
  • C - Some early LS same prefix as Mini S (022D2S1M09), however ‘Mini LS’ stamped on plate.
  • D - Sunshine same prefix codes as Mini S, check for ‘Autosun Sportsroof’ sunroof.


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