Mini Van

Australian Mini van range (1964 – 1978)

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Mini Van

 Model NameType PrefixEngine PrefixCapacityNotes
1Morris 850 VanYJBAV1R8YUH848cc
2Morris Mini VanYJBAV2R8YUH848cc
3Morris Mini Van (998cc)YJBAV2R9YEUH998cc
4Morris Mini 1100 VanYJBAV4R10YJUH1098cc
5Mini 1100 VanYJBAV6R, 021A2V2M101000, 10031098cc
6Leyland Mini Van (1098cc)021A2V2M10, 021G2V2M101000, 1003, 1007, 1009, 1010, 1011, 1012, 10151098cc
7Leyland Mini Van (998cc)021G2V1M0999H702V, 99H791P998cc
8Leyland Mini Van (MY78)XNPFB18Y99H834AJH, 99H889AJH998ccB


  • B - ‘MY78’ represents model year 1978, indicated by "…8Y" in type prefix.


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