Australian Morris 850


There are many ways to identify a Morris 850, from a check of key features to a detailed investigation of identification numbers and body components.

Basic features

With the Morris 850 being a unique model in Australia, an original car can be easily identified by checking for these key features.

Engine Bay

  • Identification plate stamped with type code 'YMA2S1'
  • 848cc engine, stamped with prefix code '8AMUH' or '8YUH'


  • Pressed steel radiator grille (painted white or chrome)
  • Sliding windows for doors
  • ‘Morris 850’ badge on boot lid


  • Long ‘magic wand’ gear lever
  • Push button floor starter
  • Silver centre speedometer
  • Patterned vinyl seat facings

Detailed identification

After many decades since being built, it is not unusual for a car to have had many parts changed. Beyond basic features, an 850 can be identified in greater detail through the presence and location of identification numbers, body pressings and other components.

A unique identification plate, or "I.D. plate", was fitted to each Morris 850. The plate holds important details to identify a car.

Body shells were stamped with identifying numbers in various locations, including a unique Australian car number.

A number of resources exist to determine an approximate manufacture date for Morris 850s, despite no factory records surviving.

A list of all known identification codes for Australian Mini models, detailing unique car and engine number prefixes.

Last updated 13 April 2021