Australian Morris 850

Number Stampings

Multiple identification numbers were stamped into the body of the Morris 850. The type and location of the numbers varied throughout the production period.

There were two types of numbers stamped:

  • Australian Car Number
  • Body Number

Australian Car Number

Every Morris 850 had a unique Australian Car Number, this being a sequential number that started at 501 from the first car.

Firewall stamping

The car number was stamped on the firewall of every car, although the location varied between three different positions:

  1. Driver side (from start of production)
    Stamped to beside the centre hole (opposite side to the identification plate)
  2. Passenger side (from car 5400 approx.)
    Stamped above the identification plate
  3. Driver side (from car 16800 approx.)
    Stamped below the identification plate
Car Number - Driver Side
Car Number - Driver Side, Opposite Plate

Firewall stamping (driver side, opposite plate).

Car Number - Passenger Side
Car Number - Above Plate

Firewall stamping (passenger side, above plate).

Car Number - Driver Side
Car Number - Below Plate

Firewall stamping (driver side, below plate).

Floor panel stamping

The car number was also stamped on the rear floor panel of cars for a short period of time, changing between driver and passenger side:

  1. Driver side (from start of production)
    Located on the sloped portion of the floor panel between the sill and where the outer leg of the driver seat rested on the floor.
  2. Passenger side (from car 5400 approx.)
    As per (1) but mirrored on passenger side.
  3. No stamping (from car 13000 approx.)
    The practice of stamping on the floor panel was discontinued.
Car Number- Rear Floor
Car Number - Rear Floor

Rear floor stamping (passenger side).

Body Number

A unique body number was also stamped into each shell in addition to the car number. This was used in production before a formal car number was assigned and does not correlate to the final car number. The number is typically covered or obscured by paint.

Body numbers for the first period of production are believed to be of UK origin, while later numbers correspond to Australian production.

Three locations are known to have been used:

  1. Firewall, passenger side (from start of production)
    Stamped near or underneath the identification plate (may be partially or completely covered). Numbers initially of UK origin in the 40000-70000 range, then from approximately car 11000 the body number was of Australian origin and typically within 1000 units of the car number.
  2. Firewall, driver side (from car 16800 approx.)
    Stamped underneath the identification plate on driver side.
  3. Radiator shroud (from car 34500 approx.)
    Stamped on top of the radiator shroud panel. The number is also accompanied by a body code stamp – M2 over 15 in a small circle – from approximately car 47000.
Body Number - Passenger Side
Body Number - Firewall UK

Body number on firewall (passenger side).

Body Number - Driver Side
Body Number - Radiator Shroud
Body Number - Radiator Shroud

Body number on radiator shroud.

Body Number - Sample Stamping

M2/15 in circle stamped alongside body number (when on radiator shroud).

Last updated 27 July 2021