Australian Morris 850

Published Dates

Whilst factory production records do not exist in the public domain, a small number of published works exist in their absence. These publications are for the most part general and do not hold details of individual vehicles.

BMC & Leyland Mini Identification Guide

The Mini Car Club of NSW (1999) produced the BMC & Leyland Mini Identification Guide which included a list of car details and delivery dates for nearly 100 cars.

The source of the information on the list is not known.

BMC- Leyland Mini Identification Guide

BMC & Leyland Mini Identification Guide

Dealers Guide

The car numbers in the table below were published in Dealers Guide to Model Identification 1955-1965 (Dealers Guide Pty. Ltd., n.d.), and provide a reasonable indication of the car number at the beginning of each year. Whether these are all production or delivery dates is unknown.

Year Car No. Commencing
Jan. 1961 501
Jan. 1962 7088
Jan. 1963 21773
Jan. 1964 -
Jan. 1965 58277
Dealers Guide to Model Identification

Dealer's Guide to Model Identification

Last updated 18 March 2021