Australian Morris 850

Australian Mini Body Codes

Body shells were stamped during initial production with a specific code that indicated which model the body was made for.

The codes and location of stamping varied across models. This reference list summarises all known body codes for Australian Minis, as well as the closely related Morris 1100.

Currently only Mini Sedan and Mini Van codes are known. If you can help identify body codes for Moke and Morris 1100, please let us know.

StampCodeTypeStamp LocationModel/s
1M2 15M2 152SRadiator shroudMorris 850 (YMA2S1)
2M2 50M2 502SRadiator shroudMorris Cooper (YKA2S1)
3M2 04M2 042SRadiator shroudMorris Mini Minor (YMA2S3)
4M2 05M2 052SRadiator shroudMorris Mini Deluxe (YMA2S2)
5M2 05 AM2 05 A2SRadiator shroudMorris Mini-Matic Mk1 (YMA2S4)
6M2 06M2 062SRadiator shroudMorris Cooper S (YKG2S2)
72/042/042SDrain channel or firewall*Morris Mini 1100 (YG2S3)
82/052/052SDrain channel or firewall*Morris Mini K (YG2S1)
92/05 A2SDrain channel or firewall*Morris Mini-Matic Mk2 (YA2S5)
102/062/062SDrain channel or firewall*Morris Cooper S Mk2 (YG2S4)
11M2 21M2 212SFirewallMorris Mini 1100 (YG2S6),
Leyland Mini (021A2S2M10, 021D2S2M10, 021D2S1M09, 021X2S1M09, XNPAB18Y)
12M2 22M2 222SFirewallMorris Mini Clubman (YG2S7),
Leyland Mini S (022A2S2M10, 022D2S2M10, 022D2S1M09, 022X2S2M09, XNHAB18Y),
Leyland Mini SS (022D2S3M09),
Leyland Mini LS (022D2S1M09, 022X2S4M09, XNFAB18Y, XNFAD18Y)
13M2 23M2 232SFirewallMorris Clubman GT (YG2S8)
14MV15MV 152VRadiator shroudMorris 850 Van (YJBAV1R)
15MV 04MV 042VRadiator shroudMorris Mini Van (YJBAV2R)
162/04 V2VDrain channel or firewall*Morris Mini 1100 Van (YJBAV4R)
17MV 21MV 212VFirewallMini 1100 Van (YJBAV6R),
Leyland Mini Van (021A2V2M10, 021G2V2M10, 021G2V1M09, XNPFB18Y)


Notes recorded in the above table correspond to the following footnotes:

  • * - Body code moved from bonnet drain channel to firewall in June 1970.

Other notes

  • Body codes may be stamped in three different locations depending on the model and time period, as indicated in the main table:
    • radiator shroud
    • bonnet drain channel, or
    • firewall on driver side

Locations of body code stampings in engine bay

  • A circle around the body code indicates a UK drawing office code used on an Australian body (1964-65 period).
    Circle stamped as part of body code
  • A 'PA' indicates that the body shell was supplied by the Parts and Accessories Division as a spare part.
    'P A' stamp for Parts and Accessories


These pages are constantly under review and improvement. If you identify any incorrect or missing data, or have any other feedback, please let us know.


A list of all known identification codes for Australian Mini models, detailing unique car and engine number prefixes.

A list of all known identification codes for Australian Mini models, detailing unique car and engine number prefixes.


Last updated 18 July 2021