Australian Morris 850


Many accessories were available for the Morris 850 allowing owners to personalise their new cars.

BMC Approved Accessories

Accessory list

Browse or search known accessories for the Morris 850. Links are provided to more information and sample photos where available.

Part No.Description£$NoteSource
2A504 / HYL3498Petrol Locking Cap1.15.01
8G9076Heater (Recirculatory)18.10.01
AFK1238 / HYL3383Bonnet Lock Kit1.15.43.533
AFK1284Fascia Panel Kit (850)22.754
AKF1052Fascia Panel Kit9.17.62
HYA2401Fresh Air Heater17.2.734.263
HYB0535Safety Belt (Sash)4.10.093
HYB0883Safety Belt (Lap & Sash)
HYH2693Safety Belt (Rear Seat)4.10.093
HYL0396Cigarette Lighter1.12.61
HYL0426Radio Aerial (Cowl type)
HYL0444Exhaust Deflector0.11.31
HYL0457Mirror, Vanity (Visor)0.10.61
HYL0458Mirror, Fender Mounting (Plain)1.5.01
HYL0458AMirror, Fender Mounting (Anti-Glare)1.6.01
HYL0466Mirror Anti-Glare Mask0.12.61
HYL0471Number Plate Frames1.0.0pr.1
HYL0491Car Fan5.12.01
HYL0498 / HYL2481Mirror, Door Mounting (Plain)1.7.61
HYL0498A / HYL2481AMirror, Door Mounting (Anti-Glare)1.8.61
HYL0594Auto-Home Remington Shaver18.18.0(incl. tax)1
HYL1419Super Grade Chamois0.19.91
HYL1699Radio (Manual)40.19.0(incl. tax)2
HYL1700Heater (Fresh Air)23.10.01
HYL1875Seat Cover11.5.0set1
HYL1947Wheel, Trim0.17.6ea.1
HYL1949Bucket Bags1.10.01
HYL1951Roof Rack9.5.01
HYL1952Sunvisor (Mesh)9.5.01
HYL1953Sunvisor (Metal)8.10.01
HYL1954Venetian Shade5.17.61
HYL2249CWeathershield (Clear)3.3.02
HYL2249GWeathershield (Green)3.3.02
HYL2249NWeathershield (Neutral)3.3.02
HYL2259Heater (Recirculatory)21.10.02
HYL2314Wheel, Dress Ring1.4.02
HYL2335Seat Cover (Chassis 3909-4708 inc.)11.5.02
HYL2355Mud Flap (Rear)2.6.6pr.2
HYL2386Insect Screen3.10.02
HYL2387 / HYL2935Turbo Hub Cap2.10.0ea.2
HYL2763Radio Aerial (Retractable type)5.1.910.183
HYL2769/GBody Moulding & Anodised Panel Kit (Gold)10.0.02
HYL2769/RBody Moulding & Anodised Panel Kit (Red)10.0.02
HYL2769/SBody Moulding & Anodised Panel Kit (Silver)10.0.02
HYL2785Sunvisor (Plastic, Neutral)9.7.62
HYL2786Door Handle Scratch Guards1.0.22.023
HYL2857BMC "Diamond Dot" Car Radio (Portable - less aerial)40.10.981.083
HYL2858Cradle Kit (for portable radio)16.19.335.13
HYL2859Gutter Kit (for radio aerial)
HYL2910BMC "Diamond Dot" Tailored Car Radio (Manual) - complete pack (less arial)37.19.375.923
HYL2911BMC "Diamond Dot" Tailored Car Radio (Push Button) - complete pack (less arial)44.5.388.523
HYL2949 / 12Carpet Sets (front and back) - Red13.1.026.13
HYL2949 / 25Carpet Sets (front and back) - Green13.1.026.13
HYL2949 / 48Carpet Sets (front and back) - Blue13.1.026.13
HYL2949 / 53Carpet Sets (front and back) - Grey13.1.026.13
HYL2957 / HYL3795Tailored Car Mats - Black2.2.54.24pair3
HYL2958Tailored Car Mats - Red2.2.54.24pair3
HYL2959 / HYL3797Tailored Car Mats - Grey2.2.54.24pair3
HYL2962Door Mounting Mirror2.4.14.413
HYL2963Door Mounting Mirror Anti-Glare2.5.14.513
HYL2966Sill Guard Set - Front1.9.52.94pair3
HYL2968Sportsmans Mirror3.4.76.463
HYL2970Sportsmans Mirror Anti-Glare3.5.86.573
HYL2986Gear Lever Locking Kit1.12.83.273
HYL3013Sump Guard5.14.311.423
HYL3039Cloth Seat Covers (front seat) - Brown & White4.6.68.653
HYL3040Cloth Seat Covers (front seat) - Fawn4.6.68.653
HYL3041Cloth Seat Covers (front seat) - Grey4.6.68.653
HYL3042Cloth Seat Covers (front seat) - Green4.6.68.653
HYL3043Cloth Seat Covers (front seat) - Blue4.6.68.653
HYL3080Mechanical Door Check1.2.42.23pair3
HYL3092Gear Lever Extension.8.20.823
HYL3093Roof Rack (Van)
HYL3116Seat Covers (front seat only)5.8.910.883
HYL3178Hot-Up Kit32.12.665.253
HYL3249Wida View Mirror0.18.61.853
HYL3250Swing Arm Mirror2.11.85.173
HYL3251Swing Arm Mirror Anti-Glare2.12.95.283
HYL3258Rear Floor Mat (Van)7.1.514.143
HYL3324Mudflaps - Front2.3.04.33
HYL3325Mudflaps - Rear2.3.04.33
HYL3462Seat Belt Retractors0.8.90.88ea.3

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Accessories in detail

More information and sample images are provided for select accessories where these are available.

AKF1052 - Fascia Panel Kit

A kit providing a wooden fascia panel with hinged compartment lids in place of the open dash panel.


HYL1952 - Sun Visor (Mesh)

An aluminium mesh sun visor for mounting externally above the front windscreen.


(sample only - HYL1952 likely different construction)

HYL1954 - Venetian Shade

A metal Venetian shade for mounting internally in the rear window.


HYL2786 - Door Handle Scratch Guards

A pair of small guards mounted underneath each door handle to protect paintwork from scratches.


HYL2387 - Turbo Hub Cap

A full, non-vented wheel trim cover.


HYL3080 - Mechanical Door Check

Door check to hold door open. Chrome finished anchor plate with steel spring stay.


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