Australian Morris 850

Australian Mini Identification

Australian Mini models were each identified with a unique code. This reference list summarises all known codes for Australian Minis, as well as the closely related Morris 1100.

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Mini range

 Model NameType PrefixEngine PrefixCapacityNotes
1Morris 850YMA2S18AMUH, 8YUH848cc
2Morris Mini DeluxeYMA2S29YATAH998cc
3Morris Mini Minor (848cc)YMA2S38YUH848cc
4Morris Mini Minor (998cc)YMA2S39YEUH998cc
5Morris Mini-Matic Mk1YMA2S49ANAH, 99H119H998cc
6Morris Cooper (997cc)YKA2S19FSAL997cc
7Morris Cooper (998cc)YKA2S19FASAL, 9YSAH998cc
8Morris Cooper S Mk1YKG2S29FSAY, 9FXEeY1275cc
9Morris Mini KYG2S110YCTAH1098cc
10Morris Mini 1100YG2S310YJUH1098cc
11Morris Cooper S Mk2YG2S49FSAY, 9FXEY1275cc
12Morris Mini-Matic Mk2YA2S599H119H998cc
13Morris Mini 1100YG2S6; 021A2S1M101000, 10031098ccA
14Morris Mini ClubmanYG2S7; 021A2S2M101001, 10041098cc
15Morris Clubman GTYG2S89FXEY, 1200, 1205, 12061275cc
16Leyland Mini (1098cc)021A2S2M10; 021D2S2M101001, 1004, 1007, 1009, 1010, 1011, 1012, 10151098cc
17Leyland Mini (998cc)021D2S1M09; 021X2S1M0999H702V, 99H791P, 99H834AJH998cc
18Leyland Mini (MY78)XNPAB18Y99H834AJH, 99H889AJH998ccB
19Mini Clubman S / Leyland Mini S022A2S2M101001, 10041098cc
20Leyland Mini S (1098cc)022D2S2M101001, 1004, 1007, 1009, 1010, 1011, 1012, 10151098cc
21Leyland Mini S (998cc)022D2S1M09; 022X2S2M0999H834AJH998cc
22Leyland Mini S (MY78)XNHAB18Y99H889AJH998ccB
23Leyland Mini SS022D2S3M0999H834AJH998cc
24Leyland Mini LS022D2S4M09; 022X2S4M0999H834AJH998ccC
25Leyland Mini LS (MY78)XNFAB18Y99H889AJH998ccB
26Leyland Mini Sunshine022X2S2M0999H834AJH998ccD
27Leyland Mini 1275LSXNFAD18Y12H902UH, 12H879UH1275cc
28Morris 850 VanYJBAV1R8YUH848cc
29Morris Mini VanYJBAV2R8YUH848cc
30Morris Mini Van (998cc)YJBAV2R9YEUH998cc
31Morris Mini 1100 VanYJBAV4R10YJUH1098cc
32Mini 1100 VanYJBAV6R, 021A2V2M101000, 10031098cc
33Leyland Mini Van (1098cc)021A2V2M10, 021G2V2M101000, 1003, 1007, 1009, 1010, 1011, 1012, 10151098cc
34Leyland Mini Van (998cc)021G2V1M0999H702V, 99H791P998cc
35Leyland Mini Van (MY78)XNPFB18Y99H834AJH, 99H889AJH998ccB
36Morris Mini Moke (10" wheels)YJBAB1R9YBUH998cc
37BMC Moke (13" wheels, 998cc)YJBAB6R9YHUH998cc
38BMC Moke (13" wheels, 1098cc)YJBAB8R10YFUH, 10061098cc
39Moke Special Export (Californian)YJBAB12R12YGUH, 12041275ccE
40Moke Special Export (Californian)YJBAB13R12041275ccF
41Moke Special Export (Californian)030C0B1M1212041275cc
42BMC Moke018C0B1M1010YFUH1098cc
43Leyland Moke (1098cc)018F0B1M1010161098cc
44Leyland Moke (998cc)018F0B1M0999H860AJH998cc
45Leyland Moke Californian (998cc)018F0B2M0999H905AJH, 99H860AJH998cc
46Leyland Moke (MY78)AKPPB18Y99H905AJH, 99H860AJH998ccB
47Leyland Moke (MY78, 1275cc)AKPPD18Y12H902UH1275ccB
48Leyland Moke (MY79)AKPPB19Y99H905AJZ, 99H905AJH998ccG
49Leyland Moke Californian (MY78, 998cc)AKFPB18Y99H860AJH, 99H905AJH998ccB
50Leyland Moke Californian (MY79, 998cc)AKFPB19Y99H905AJZ, 99H905AJH998ccG
51Leyland Moke Californian (MY78, 1275cc)AKFPD18Y12H902UH1275ccB
52Leyland Moke Californian (MY79, 1275cc)AKFPD19Y12H902UH1275ccG
53Morris 1100 DeluxeYMGS110YTaH1098cc
54Morris 1100 SYMGS212YTaH, 12YDTaH1275cc
55Morris 1100 AutomaticYMGS310ARAH1098cc
56Morris 1100 StandardYMGS410YTaH1098cc
57Morris 1100 S AutomaticYMGS512H169H, 12YAAH1275cc
58Morris 1300 AutomaticYGS612YEAH1275cc
59Morris 1300 Automatic "LP"YGS1412YEAH1275cc
60Morris Nomad AutomaticYG5S112YEAH1275cc
61Morris Nomad (4 speed)YH5S114YTAH1485ccH
62Morris Nomad (5 speed)YH5S114YATAH1485ccH
63Morris Nomad "LP"YH5S314YATAH1485ccH
64Morris 1500 Basic (4 speed)YHS914YTAH1485ccH
65Morris 1500 Basic (5 speed)YHS914YATAH1485ccH
66Morris 1500 De-Luxe (4 speed)YHS1014YTAH1485ccH
67Morris 1500 De-Luxe (5 speed)YHS1014YATAH1485ccH
68Short Engine (sedan/van)n/a10021098ccI
69Short Engine (sedan/van, low comp.)n/a10051098ccI
70Short Engine (Clubman GT)n/a12011275ccI
71Short Engine (Moke)n/a12021275ccI
72Short Engine (Clubman GT, revised)n/a12081275ccI
73Short Engine (Clubman GT, Police)n/a12091275ccI


Notes recorded in the identification tables correspond to the following footnotes:

  • A - Commencement of Clubman series.
  • B - ‘MY78’ represents model year 1978, indicated by "…8Y" in type prefix.
  • C - Some early LS same prefix as Mini S (022D2S1M09), however ‘Mini LS’ stamped on plate.
  • D - Sunshine same prefix codes as Mini S, check for ‘Autosun Sportsroof’ sunroof.
  • E - YJBAB12R were LHD, US-spec converted to RHD.
  • F - YJBAB13R were RHD, Aus-spec from factory.
  • G -  'MY79’ represents model year 1979, indicated by "…9Y" in type prefix. Also known as “facelift” model.
  • H - Morris 1500 engine not interchangeable with Mini, but identification details included for completeness.
  • I - Supplied as short replacement engine.


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