Australian Morris 850

Australian Morris 850 Register

The Australian Morris 850 Register is envisaged to be a one-of-a-kind detailed register for Australian Morris 850s.

The register will serve to record the factory details of as many Australian assembled Morris 850s as possible. Extra details will also be noted where available and relevant, including photos and sale history.

The register list will include details of any car, irrespective if it is still on the road or long since retired.

Morris 850

Sample Register

The below table provides a sample of the Australian Morris 850 register. A complete register is currently not published online.

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Clicking on the red car number will link to an individual profile of the car where this is available.

.CarCar NumberEngine NumberColourDeliveryNotesCorrectAt
123019 61261 23018AMUH 142812ORIENT REDVictoria, Australia2019
210615102238 106158AMUH 287970SUNBURST CREAMCranbourne VIC2012
319254132560 192548AMUH 382243CHERRY RED23/11/1962Blampied, VIC2016
422494144772 224948AMUH 410545SMOKE GREYVictoria, Australia2018
524779152133 247798AMUH 428622SAXON GREEN6/04/1963Western Australia1963
629695167396 296958AMUH 497096BIRCH GREYKiama NSW2016
739033390338AMUH 589555unknown18/12/1963Warrnambool VIC1963
844913449138YUH 3380PORCELAIN GREENVictoria2015
954126541268YUH 14033TARTAN REDHamilton VIC2014
1060401604018YUH 22859TOGA WHITE4/04/1966Ballarat VIC2015

Register last updated 5 March 2022