Australian Morris 850

Australian Morris 850 Register

A one-of-a-kind, detailed register for Australia’s first Mini.

The Australian Morris 850 Register serves to record details of as many Australian assembled Morris 850s as possible.

The register list includes any car, irrespective if it is still on the road or no longer exists. Records include production information, photos, and other history where available.

Morris 850

View the register list and browse more detail in individual car profiles - all published online and publicly accessible.


The register relies on new submissions to keep growing. Find out how to add details of cars to the register.


Explore statistics of the car details held on the register, and see how the register has grown over time.



Read and familiarise yourself with the policy on privacy and information relating to the use and maintenance of the register.



Frequently Asked Questions

Access and Management

Anyone who visits may access and view the register list. They are also able to view the record held for a vehicle through an individual profile page where this is available. This excludes owner or submitter details, which are typically not publicly shared.

The register is managed by the administrator of with assistance from enthusiasts. The registrar can be contacted via the contact page.

Should the current arrangement require change, the administration of the register may be passed on to another registrar in accordance with our information and privacy policy.

The Australian Morris 850 Register is the first publicly available and most comprehensive register for Australia's first Mini.

Vehicle details are not withheld or manipulated to obscure numbers, and additional details of the vehicle history are also recorded as part of the vehicle record. These arrangements provide a register that is useful and a valuable reference for all parties.


The details held on the register can be used for many reasons, including informing research on production changes, colour availability and car delivery dates.

There is also potential for owners to track history of their vehicles as the register grows and becomes more established.

Car details on the register have come from many sources, including submission by owners, sale advertisements, period documentation, car shows and club displays.

Records have been compiled over a period of more than ten years.

Incorrect information can most certainly be revised. While great effort goes into maintaining a high-quality register, mistakes are inevitable, and advice of errors is much appreciated.

Please share any errors and the corrections required via the contact page. It is important to include as much information as possible to identify what needs to be changed.


A car can be added to the register by completing an online form.

More information on the process can be found at Making a submission.

Anyone may submit vehicle details for addition to the register. New contributions are most welcome and will be greatly appreciated. Find out more at Making a submission.

Absolutely, more information about existing cars is always welcome. Simply make a form submission and include the new information.

All submissions are manually checked and then added to the register in the next update. Cars are not automatically added to the list when you press submit.

Depending on the number cars that have been submitted, the update may take days, weeks, or in some cases longer. If you would like to check the status of a submission, please get in touch via the contact form.

To ensure the most complete and useful register, there are requirements in place surrounding minimum details for a car to be included on the register. More information can be found at Making a submission.

At a minimum, all details from the identification plate will usually be required, however there are exceptions.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed car details, photos, and feedback to the register. All submissions are greatly appreciated, and every contribution helps make it possible for the register to grow.

Last updated 12 April 2022