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The Morris 850 was launched in March 1961, and nearly 60 years later information on the model is still relatively scarce. This is a contribution to help change that.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

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Home of the first dedicated resource for Australia’s Morris 850.

After working on Morris 850s and noticing some key differences and changes between them, it was disappointing to discover that information about them was virtually non-existent.

Curiosity took hold and a journey began investigating the many oddities unique to the 850 and its production life.

This website,, is the outcome of more than a decade of research, and it has extended to cover just about anything related to the Morris 850, not just those production changes that started it all.

With the car’s sixtieth anniversary just six months away in March 2021, there is no better time to start giving the incredible 850 some recognition it well deserves.

A work in progress

Like any Mini project, there is plenty of work still happening in the background to bring you more on the 850.

Already published on the site is information that has been commonly questioned by 850 owners. This includes details about identifying Morris 850s and lists of known paint colours and seat trim (including photos of real cars).

Future content will continue to explore areas of identification and production (including a major feature on production changes), but will also expand on history, sales, and service information in future stages.

Research and discoveries

Without a definitive resource existing for any Australian Mini, it is often necessary to piece together various sources and test these against real cars and other secondary sources.

While the information on the site is provided accurate to the best of ability, things might not always be right the first time.

The website is very much a product of ongoing research, and information is continually being reviewed as new things are discovered.

Should you have feedback or advice on mistakes please get in touch. Supporting facts, examples or evidence will always be appreciated to help important corrections be made.


If you ever have something to share or questions to ask, please reach out through the online contact form. A reply email will be on its way to you as soon as possible.

Stay tuned

Look out for new posts announcing the launch of the next stages over coming months. Great things are on their way.

In the meantime, please take the chance to explore the pages already live on the site.


Last updated 20 March 2021

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